Here at Agape Christian Fellowship missions are a very important part of our church and its ministries.  We support efforts to share the Love of Christ around the world.  Listed below are the efforts we currently support.

Samaritan’s Purse:
In over 100 countries, God is using Samaritan’s Purse to help lift up the Name of Jesus Christ as we respond to the needs of millions of suffering men, women, and children in the far corners of the world.  We also participate in the Christmas Shoebox distribution.

Bamboo Curtain Missions –Xian China:
We support specific missionaries who are spreading the Gospel in Xian China.  There are hundreds of thousands who have never heard of the name of Jesus.  The Chinese church is growing at between 2 and 5 million each year and Agape is sponsoring the underground church amidst extreme persecution.

Community Care-Prayer Outreach:
They provide food and clothing for the needy in our community.  Their primary purpose is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost, and to encourage the discouraged Christian with the love of Christ.  Also, they are able to help with financial needs and Christian counseling.

Port Cities Rescue Mission Ministries:
Provides shelter for the homeless, a safe-haven for men, women, and children.  They provide food and a place to sleep while at the same time ministering to them the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Also, programs to help get them back on their feet.  They also have drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

International Action Ministries – Ralph & Donna Sikes – Mission to Europe & South Africa:
An international effort to work in accordance to the needs of national pastors, leaders and missionaries of established churches worldwide, Turkey, Holland, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Eastern Europe, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and South Africa.  They provide training programs to assist pastors and leadership in becoming more effective with ministry in the area of their calling.  They also support orphans and schools in Africa.

Brian & Mary Chamberlain – Missionaries to America:
They travel the United States as the Lord prompts them.  They have ministered here in the Golden Triangle area and the motorcycle rally in South Dakota and others across the nation.  They are currently in Tennessee.

Mike Eaves – Chaplain to the Orange & Jefferson County Jails:
Ministers to the inmates the Word of God in our local area.

Peru Amazon Outreach:
Agape is very active in supporting the ministry to Peru by sending teams during the summer to preach the Gospel and help build churches and houses.  They reach out to the people of the cities with ministry and also take a canoe trip up the Amazon to reach many people who otherwise do not have a chance to hear or see the word of God in action.

Africa Mission Outreach:
Agape supports the ministry of Danny and Sue Jaynes to reach the people of Myanmar, Malaysia, and Damonga, Africa, along with other locations.  God is using this ministry to reach many with the Gospel of Christ who have not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and to help in building houses and community centers.

Home Grown Missionaries:
Go Ye into all the world and “Preach”
James Guest: Currently serving through YWAM and doing street ministry and outreach through dance, preaching, and witnessing.