An Appeal to Heaven


As of late, this banner has made its way into countless prayer gatherings, prayer rooms, political rallies and government buildings. The Appeal to Heaven flag holds great significance as it relates to the founding of our nation, God's eternal covenants, and our present hope for America.


In fact, before the Revolutionary War actually began, General Washington formed and financed America's first Navy and commissioned them to sail with this flag flying overhead. During the American Revolution, an evergreen tree on a white standard could be seen flying in Massachusetts and before long, throughout all thirteen colonies. 


 The words "An Appeal to Heaven" became the decreed statement over the nation as this flag flew amid battlefields and encampments. This standard led the American Revolution's grossly outnumbered and under-resourced troops into battle repeatedly as they fought and won the war for America's freedom. The flag's history is expansive and profound.


What the flag means to us at Agape:


We never want to do something because other people are doing it or because it might be the popular thing to do.  We are flying this flag as a statement!   With all of the chaos and perilous times that we are living in, and with many things that are out of our control, life is never out of God’s Control.    When the enemy comes in like a flood, The Lord is the one that raise’s up a standard against it.  The gates of Hell will not prevail against the Lord.  


To us, we are making our appeal to Heaven to our precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We are praying for mercy for our nation and for an outpouring of His Spirit upon his people, his churches, and upon this nation.  We know whom we have believed in and that all power and authority are given to The Lord Jesus Christ. 


So when you see the enemy and the evil that follows, we know that no weapon formed against God’s people will prosper.  No Democrat or Republican or political party will restore us, only the restoration of the Lord Jesus Christ in the hearts of lives of his people will change things. . . so . .  “Revive Us O God”  We make Our Appeal To Heaven. . .