​Core Beliefs
  • The Divine inspiration and inerrance of the Holy Scriptures.

  • The trinity of the God-Head: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  • The deity of our Lord Jesus Christ and His virgin birth.

  • The forgiveness of sin only by the blood of Jesus.

  • The salvation by grace through faith.

  • Divine healing.

  • The infilling of the Holy Spirit.

  • The return of Jesus Christ.

  • The fellowship with all denominations of the Christian faith.

Worship that Lifts

Careful attention is given to praise and worship according to the teaching of the scriptures. Worship in the beauty of holiness is neither formal nor fanatical. It is our desire to lead both believers and non-believers into the presence of God through praise and worship so that every person will experience the very throne-room of God. For it is in His Presence that people are set free, healed, and delivered.


Fellowship that Cares

True fellowship is not possible without meaningful and interpersonal relationships. These relationships must be born out of love and trust for one another. You will find acceptance at Agape Christian Fellowship regardless of past mistakes or failures. Our heart's desire is that we would all continue to grow and mature together in the likeness and character of Jesus as we receive His ministry of forgiveness, grace and encouragement through one another.


Ministry that Heals

The ministry of the Word is intended to restore man to a healthy relationship with God and with each other. At Agape, a strong emphasis is placed upon the ministry and teaching of God’s Word, both as a means of edifying and encouraging the Body and also as a tool for equipping each believer for the “work of the ministry” (Eph. 4:12).  It is the Word of God that has the power to transform our lives into useful vessels that will honor Him in our Christian service.



We encourage our members who accept Jesus as their Savior to be water baptized. As believers, it's an act of obedience to follow our Lord's direction to be water baptized as a good conscience toward God. Water baptism does not save you, belief in Jesus saves you. By being water baptized, you are identifying with the dealth, burial, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus and acknowledging a life changed by the blood of Jesus. 


Ministry to Children and Youth

We are committed to honoring the Lord in the training and equipping of the children and young people in our church family.  By planting the “seed” of God’s Word in their hearts, we are privileged to be involved in the preparation of Godly lives and leaders for the next generation. This has always been and will continue to hold a place of high priority in the life and ministry of Agape.